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Birthing Doula

Physical, Emotional & Information Support

Doulas provide physical, emotional, and partner support with expert guidance for families during their pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum time.

There is incredible evidence that shows how birth doulas improve outcomes! Research shows that women who use a birth doula are: 1) less likely to need Pitocin 2) less likely to have a cesarean birth 3) less likely to use any pain medication 4) more likely to rate their childbirth experience positively

Service Description

Doulas help make birth better!

Having attended dozens of births, Taryn is an experienced doula supporting women on an emotional and practical basis, interacting sensitively with all those involved with pregnancy and birth.

As a certified doula, Taryn understands the emotional and physical needs of a woman and her family throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period. Taryn can provide continuous, non-medical support and care.

When hiring Dr. Taryn you will have two meetings during the pregnancy plus unlimited email questions throughout your pregnancy, a comprehensive list of referrals and resources, and a 20% discount on acupuncture services.


During labor Taryn will be there to support you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Treatment plans include teachings about the whole system of medicine that can be practiced at home and applied to daily living.


Schedule your Discovery Call (20 minutes) with Dr. Taryn to explore your options, answer your questions, share your concerns, and just get a better sense of one another to determine what's right for your family.

Book your virtual labor doula consult with Dr. Taryn.

$20.00 due before the appointment. 

A payment link will be sent after scheduling. 


What is a Doula?

Doula services may include:


  • Discussions on your birth preferences

  • Access to resources

  • Birthing companion

  • Providing non-medical comfort techniques during labor and birth including massage, breathwork, heat/cold therapy, hydrotherapy, positioning, guided visualization, and enhancing privacy.

  • Facilitating effective communication between you and your midwife/doctor.

  • Post-birth support.

A Doula may offer:


  • One-to-one continuous care that hospital staff may be unable to provide

  • Physical and emotional support during pregnancy, labor, and birth;

  • Facilitation of effective communication with the midwife or doctor during labor and birth

  • The creation of a peaceful and respectful space within which the woman can respond instinctively to the needs of her body and birth her baby with dignity and satisfaction

What Doula's don't do...

  • Doulas are NOT medical professionals and so they do not:

  • Perform clinical tasks such as vaginal exams or fetal heart monitoring

  • Give medical advice or diagnose conditions

  • Replace role of husband/partner

  • Deliver the baby

Baby's Grasp
Expecting Couple


  • Improved experience

  • Improved outcomes

  • Less likely to have a c-section.

  • More likely to give birth vaginally and without an induction

  • Less likely to need Pitocin

  • Less likely to use pain medications

  • More likely to have shorter labor

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