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Discover your own true power

Qigong is for anyone looking to improve their emotional and physical well-being. You will learn how to listen to your body and adjust your lifestyle so signs of imbalances drop away.  Once the body’s energy field flows, health issues including excess weight begin to melt away.  This is not a miracle program but rather a process that teaches the ancient art of holistic health through Qigong practice, a certain eating style, and understanding the needs of the body without fear.

The Five Element Consciousness Framework guides you to listen to the needs of your organs, Liver, Heart, Stomach, Lung, and Kidney, and what is needed for each to maintain health.

Qigong is a powerful system that once learned will help you to connect to the Universal life source, benefitting you and your family for the rest of their lives. Dragon's Way Qi Gong provides you with a rich experience that will help you rediscover a greater sense of well-being and stress relief through an entire program based on bringing the body back into balance. 

Studying, and applying these teachings takes time and a commitment to quality practice. As your understanding grows, so too will the relationship between your body and mind. You’ll begin to see how emotions play out in the body. You’ll see how situations in life are not accidental but a reflection of your thinking.

“Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level.”

– Grand Master Lu
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What you will learn

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  • Less stress and more energy

  • Improved sleep and mental sharpness

  • Weight loss and reduction of body fat

  • Resolved issues like bloating, joint pain, back pain, PMS, infertility

  • Improved blood work and lower blood pressure

  • Allergy relief

  • Improved digestion without enzymes

  • Resolution of mood swings

Benefits of Practicing QiGong

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