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Heal your skin


Nanoneedling can rejuvenate all skin types, reducing the appearance of fine lines, improving skin tone and texture, shrinking pore size, reducing pigmentation, or helping to clear acne and acne scars.

When it comes to deeper acne scars and wrinkles, hair regrowth, stretch marks, and hypo-pigmentation, microneedling would be the best choice.

Micro and Nano Needling serve as a great alternative to mainstream methods using the power of plants and your own healing response.  

Both procedures can be used together to advance the results for many skin conditions. 

Beauty is way more than the face, it is the presence of your shen (spirit) and the health of your organs.

Nanoneedling is a minimally invasive procedure where tiny silicone tipped needles stimulate into the top layer of skin, that can naturally rejuvenate wrinkles without any painful surgery or injections encouraging serum topical absorption by 2000%! 


At Blessed Roots Wellness we use 100% natural-made serums from shitake mushrooms, apple stem cells, and other Chinese herbs, incorporated into the micro and nano-needling sessions and aftercare regimen to maximize your results and speed up recovery.


Achieve clear skin

Each session includes a full-body acupuncture treatment to treat root causes, a nano-needling session, and twenty (20) minutes of red, yellow, and blue light therapy on the face. 

Nano can be done in between Micro sessions or as a stand alone procedure. 


 60-minute Session | $400.00

The Benefits of Nanoneedling

All treatments are equally safe and effective for any age or skin type to address acne, age spots, hair growth, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and more. Depending on the outcome the client is seeking, both Microneedling and Nanoneedling have a long list of benefits.

  • Dramatically boost the absorption and effectiveness of active ingredients

  • Assist in awakening the skin’s collagen-producing cells

  • Non-allergic to human tissue

  • Cost-effective compared to other exfoliating procedures

  • Can be performed on all skin types

  • Improves uneven skin tone and texture

  • Can be used on all areas of the face, neck, and body and even fragile skin around the eyes and lips

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines

  • Decreases pigmentation and sunspots

  • Improves skins plumpness

  • Balances and restores a healthy and refreshed glow in the skin

  • Pore size-reduction

  • Efficiently diminish acne and acne scars

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