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Feel and Look Younger


Microneedling serves as a great alternative to mainstream methods using the power of plants and your own healing response.  Acupuncturists use a medical device with multiple needles that create a microchannel in the skin, this is beneficial for cellular repair. 


Unlike conventional treatments which freeze the muscles and stop the flow, this treatment brings energy, chi, and blood flow to the treated area creating a natural healing response that increases collagen production resulting in tighter, smoother-looking, younger skin!


Beauty is deeper than the skin on the face, it is the presence of your Shen (spirit) and the health of your organs at optimal function. 

Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure where tiny needles are inserted into the top layer of skin, that can naturally rejuvenate wrinkles without any painful surgery or injections encouraging serum topical absorption by 2000%! 


At Blessed Roots Wellness we use 100% natural-made serums from shitake mushrooms, apple stem cells, and other Chinese herbs, incorporated into the micro-needling session and aftercare regimen to maximize your results and speed up recovery.


Feel and Look Younger​


Each session includes a full-body acupuncture treatment to treat root causes, a micro-needling session, and twenty (20) minutes of red, yellow, and blue light therapy on the face, all while laying on the Biomat. 


Four to five  micro-needling sessions, one month-a-part are recommended.  Adding weekly nano-needling in-between expedites the optimal benefits.  The results last 4-5 years, with lasting effects varying based on age, skin type, reactions, and lifestyle choices.  

 60-minute Sessions | $400.00

The Benefits of Microneedling

All treatments are equally safe and effective for any age or skin type to address acne, age spots, hair growth, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and more. 

  • Safe and effective

  • Smoother and fuller skin

  • More skin elasticity

  • Clear and immediate results

  • Limited side effects

  • Speedy recovery time

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