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Microneedling - Rejuvenate your Skin

Micro needling is one of the services we offer at Blessed Roots. It is a cosmetic medical procedure done by a licensed professional. A topical natural serum is used specifically for the persons needs and micro needling medical device is then used with the serum, helping the skin to absorb to the maximum. The needling on the skin is also activating the bodies healing response producing collagen and a local healing response.

The outcome is a brighter look with less visible signs of skin congestion and dullness. The process also helps to bring circulation to the muscles of the face. Blood and qi flow is everything to a healthy youthful, glow.

The best part is that microneedling, and cosmetic acupuncture have their roots in Chinese medicine. Therefore when investing in this natural, effective modality, you receive are receiving so much more than topical skin deep. You gain and unlock wisdom, learn new healthy lifestyle habits, the lineage of ancient medicine, reverence for beauty, aging and wisdom.

When using traditional medicine we are sure to treat underlying organ functions of the body, with the skin, the lung is especially important, the session includes acupuncture along the body meridians as well. This will assist in gently supporting qi.

The process of aging is embraced in TCM, the lines on someone’s face tell a story and are rich with wisdom and memories.

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